Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love is tough?

Bad is easy, Good is hard. 
Losing is easy. Winning is hard. 
Talking is easy. Listening is hard. 
Watching TV is easy. Reading is hard. 
Giving advice is easy. Taking advice is hard. 
Flab is easy. Muscle is hard. 
Stop is easy. Go is hard. 
Dirty is easy. Clean is hard. 
Take is easy. Give is hard. 
Dream is easy. Think is hard. 

 Lying is easy. Truth is hard. 
Sleeping is easy. Waking is hard. 
Talking about God is easy. Praying to God is hard. 
Watching basketball is easy. Playing basketball is hard. 
Holding a grudge is easy. Forgiving is hard. 
Telling a secret is easy. Keeping a secret is hard. 
Play is easy. Work is hard. 
Falling is easy. Getting up is hard. 
Spending is easy. Saving is hard. 
Eating is easy. Dieting is hard. 
Doubt is easy. Faith is hard. 

Laughter is easy. Tears are hard. 
Criticizing is easy. Taking criticism is hard. 
Letting go is easy. Hanging on is hard. 
Secret sin is easy. Confession is hard. 
Pride is easy. Humility is hard. 
Excusing oneself is easy. Excusing others is hard. 
Borrowing is easy. Paying back is hard. 
Sex is easy. Love is hard. 
Argument is easy. Negotiation is hard. 
Naughty is easy. Nice is hard. 
Going along is easy. Walking alone is hard. 
Dumb is easy. Smart is hard. 
Cowardice is easy. Bravery is hard. 
Messy is easy. Neat is hard. 
War is easy. Peace is hard. 

Sarcasm is easy. Sincerity is hard. 
An F is easy. An A is hard. 
Growing weeds is easy. Growing flowers is hard. 
Reaction is easy. Action is hard. 
Can't do is easy. Can do is hard. 
Feasting is easy. Fasting is hard. 
Following is easy. Leading is hard. 
Having friend is easy. Being a friend is hard. 
Dying is easy. Living is hard. 

No matter who we are, life is hard, and we all ask why it should be so. But there is comfort in knowing we're not alone. So maybe your child or the person sitting over there needs to hear from you right this minute that sometimes you question, too, but that the One who knows us best and loves us the most promises that for those who choose the hard way, the dawn gives way to morning splendor while the evil grope and stumble in the dark. It just is. Nothing in life that is good and worthwhile comes without effort.


Jumir said...

We must tough be in love.

r-5 said...

in real life both easy and hard are equal. it depends on how we deal with it. hehe. btw nice post. :)

Wuucin Kimora said...

Its life .. :)


Wah, pndai berkata-kata! Nice! :D

Panda said...

no no. i take it from other source. i just terpikat dgn ayat dia. ;)

momieto said...

hhahaha..sng x yah bercinta..

Illy Int said...

like this hihih :)))