Sunday, July 3, 2011

If you eager to know

It's a real quick, simple, and short post just to welcome July and and I am quiet sure, this month will have a big differences compare with few months ago bcz I'll not living my life to the fullest like before (everyday since last december). haha! I admit, I'm starting to get bored on waking up, and living my life with the same routine sometimes. I mean, even working and make some money every months, but sitting in front of computer online and online for almost eight hours a day in this super-sweet-office is very spurt back pain. Haha

All the times we had together

This will be the last post from home, as tomorrow will sign in PUO for my diploma. Yeah, diploma jeee. Nak cakap banyak tapi tak tahu macam mana. Well thank you UPU sebab bagi I Politeknik instead of University. I promise I'll get dekan for every semeseters. (joke) Numbers, we'll be a good friend sooner or later, please be nice to me ya.

New chapter, new friends

One thing, I hate making new friends in a new place. So, people please be nice to me. It's just because I hate that I can't be with the same person, they're not there for me anymore. No one will wake me up, prepare for my breakfast, babbler on me, 'Wani, dah siap ke belum?' - 'Wani, susu mak dah buat, jangan lupa minum' - 'Wani dah ambil bekal kat dapur?' and so on. No one will keep remind me of everything like my mother use to do. No one. I hate new places where people will judge me and look me from head to toe, making their fugly faces - only then will say Hi and whatever. They're like scanning me first googling about me with others, lepas tu baru nak senyumlah konon. Stressed even all thing dah pack. I wish, I wish, and I wish everything will be fine for me tomorrow, and always.

I won't forget about all the joys and memories that happened every single day, and those pretty people batch 2009 SMTI 4PERD1 and 2010 SMKSY 5SC1. You guys are better than best, I hate that we won't get to hang out together and gossiping around like before anymore. No more dramas, no more heaven, no more memories and no more loud voice from Sam. haha

I am taking diploma in Accounting and going to introduce myself as an acc lady starting tomorrow.