Saturday, July 16, 2011

In a nutshell?

Hello Diaries.

I can't believe it has been almost 2 weeks since my last post - bad on me. I have begun a new life in somewhere and have been devoting a lot of time to my study. Well, this is what we call student, right? I hope you have a happy Saturday as I'm feeling now. It has been two weeks since I am away from my hometown, away from my family, my lovely fox and my home sweet home. How I wish I could spend more time doing useful things during 6 months of so-called boring holidays. I should cherish holidays well before I leave to a new world full of numbers and facts.

The journey brings many lessons, real lessons, not words - they have become the values that guide my life. ohoii hang copy mana ayat ni oi hahaha lol

I have gotten used to the new environment. It would be a lie if I tell you that I do not miss my family at all. *bajet jauh gila. haha. But I have so many companions and friends over here, it was so much fun that I do not feel homesick at all. Talking about new life as a IPT student, I have started with my lessons bit by bit. It was kinda tough, really. I do not mean the schedule, I'm referring to all subjects. ALL IN ENGLISH. And I feel lost.

First week was so pressure with all orientation and all kinda silly programs. But I'm thankful enough to have such intelligent, experienced and versatile (wait, what? haha) lecturers. Even though sometimes people are just not satisfied over a small matter, I personally think that it was due to indulgence and upbringing influences. I might have never completed my school works when I was in school, so it might kinda hard for me to complete the assignments which will given to me at one time. However, I believe that all lecturers do that and it is part of their jobs to give us extra works to do by ourselves. Without assignments, we're not IPT's student, kannn?

Regarding the class, there are around 45 of us in a classroom. I could say, it was fine, but somehow feel like I still need more time to get to know them more. And I think they feel the same thing too. The class somehow made me missing my school times.

I realized that I am now in a new world, in an entirely different world. I'm no longer living in my own world, but in other's, which, I have to get myself used to the environment. I have to be able to adapt myself to the new surroundings, learn to live and learn to accept new things and accept challenges. All of my friends are now away too, and they live happily now. So I have to be just like them too. I believe sooner or later, I will get used to the new classmates, hostel-mate, level-mate, roommate and mingle around with them. So far my aras are the best, Block A , Aras 2.

They are not that bad. In fact, they have their own interesting sides in them too. It's still a new thing to me so I'm kinda surprised, but I like it. They get along easily despite living in different states in Malaysia which is most of them are from Negeri Sembilan. They are nice to each other too. It was just me who still can't bring myself close to them. Like I said, I'm not good at making new friends and I need more time, even longer than others. So, I believe that I'll be able to be friend with them sooner or later. By the way, I can live in hostel just for one semester only. The next sem, all student must find their own rent house. And to be proud, our ketua block A, Kak Yana, which is the best senior bcz tahan dgn various of our behavior yang always lambat. lol hahaha

I like not only to be loved, but also to be told that I am loved. I am not sure that you are of the same mind, but the realm of silence is large enough beyond the grave. This is the world of light and speech, and I shall take a leave to tell you are very dear. - George Eliot - 

I love my English subject. The perfect lecturer that I ever have. I wish till end of semester her class will be fun like we'd have.

I wish to write more, but seems like I have to go now. My assignment are calling me. And please, stop asking me "Are you from sekolah agama?" Enough, kan dah kata, people love judge other by their clothes. I'm NOT from SMKA or anything like that. I'm a ordinary just like you are kot. sobs sobs

But hey,
don't you feel grateful with what you have in your life?

til then,