Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bring me to life .


This is a special request from my friends whom I categorized them as caring and sweet friends, those who left message in my blog asking why don't I update my blog. To my surprise, there's actually quite a lot of them reading and updating my news through this abandoned blog. I didn't know until recently bc usually I don't get too many response and I never though there's anyone who will consistently visiting here for my updates. I'm so sorry my friends. (bajett gila haha) It's not my fault if you believe that I won't update my blog. hahaha

Hihi, I've been trying to hide and escape myself from facing some question that I don't want to be asked anymore. Something that I wish I could erase from my experience in my life. But as time passed by, I know I cannot keep hiding since there's so many out there are actually caring for me.

Here, I'm dedicating this entry to everyone out there, after abandoning my blog for such a long time. Thanks for giving me the courage and encouraging me to hold my feelings.

Hugs and kisses! 

Long distance relationships are hard. You not only miss kisses, hugs and someone to talk to as you fall asleep, but you also miss the friendship, giggles and adventures that you have in day to day life when you are together,


We don't know who's your truly friend until when we got a problem. Even though there's a gap between us, nothing will changes our feeling towards another. 

We're smiling but we're close to tears, even after all these years, We just now got the feeling that we're meeting for the first time. 

I think, this is too deep for a Tuesday night. Time for a cup of tea and zzz.
Have a lovely days.

Love yours truly,
Wanie Mj.

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