Thursday, November 29, 2012


Yes, finally. Alhamdulillah dah sampai dengan jayanya.

Well, since it's a three weeks break from my hectic lives as student, so I decided that I must spend some time on myself. Doing things that I love, things that I wanted to do all the while but didn’t manage to, and things that can increase your self-worth. Like reading books to feel smarter, gym to look sexier and all. But it didn’t go well as planned cause my sister bugging me to come to her house and accompany her to go to Johor since her husband's not free tomorrow. So I will wasting one week for my sister. yawnnnn

Usually i'll feel so happy and excited about being on holiday mood, but this time it is kinda spoiled by the fact that it just 3 weeks people and then im gonna start my internship. Yes, internship. I'll having internship in semester 4. Internship at age 20y/o. eh? 20 already?

Back to the main story that I'll be leaving tomorrow morning to Johor. How people, tell me howwwww i gonna stay patiently for 4 hours in the bus. sobs

keep looking outside of the bus?
with no internet connection?
phone call for 4hrs directly? it's impossible.
and what else? :'(

I wish for this upcoming few days in Johor, I will try many new things, see new people (for sure because the last time i visited Johor was when i am in primary school), learn new knowledge (what knowledge? isnt it one of my holiday?!).

Ahh.. I still can't imagine what gonna be happen there. Afterall, i still can't wait for update all pictures. hahahaha bajetnyaa

p/s: ehh btw, there's internet connection! kinda weird right? ahaa bcz now i'm surfing at my sister's office! gotchaaa

Till we meet again,
xoxo. :*