Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Rod & Reel


Yassa, short semester break was coming to end! But Kaklinda managed to make a 200 bucks trip for anak-dara dan mak abah sahaja. hahaha

Abah loves this, and I was there waiting for hours til almost subuh.. and still cant figure out what makes they satisfied just by waiting and waiting?... (just like you, you do love on waiting, right.. nahh)

The view was 👍👌

my iphone 5s + vsco filter

haa makanlah sampai sebulan 😆

We were having fun by doing bbq session sambil calculating how many mosquitoes we caught. sabar jelah. 

until then,

Amir Chalet & Fishing Corner,
Setiawan, Perak
5 - 6 February 2017

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